Setting the Summer Stage

2013 McNair Scholars - on the journey - together.

2013 McNair Scholars – on the journey – together.

Here’s a prediction for you: this summer is going to be FANTASTIC. What a gift summer is. And this summer especially since you are all going to be taking the time and creating the space for yourself to explore deeply what you are passionate about, grow skills in ways that you aren’t going to even recognize yourself in the fall, cultivate meaningful connections with some ultra-cool folks and situate yourselves so that you are poised and ready for any new adventure on the grad school front that you ultimately choose to pursue. This work and this growth will lead to some awesome revelations about yourself. It will also open up options that you probably don’t even know exist right now. That’s how fantastic this summer will be.

Our goal is to provide each of you with a little bit of structure, a little bit of guidance and a whole lot of encouragement. The outcomes are really up to you. Our expectation is that you approach each activity or exercise with positive energy and an open mind. We expect a high level of engagement as well as a willingness to share with others so that we can all make this summer experience special. When it really comes down to it, our intention is to help you create some really kick-ass lives in which you can use your own creativity and strengths and build out a body of work that excites you and allows you to make choices about the direction you head in your life each day.

We’re also doing something a little different this summer. I’ve learned some things from the 100 or so scholars that have gone before you and every year, I try to incorporate new items that I believe will best serve the group overall. I’ve also introduced some less conventional-type activities because I deeply believe these things can serve as mechanisms for your inner growth and power. I am honored to partake in these activities with you and to be a part of your growth and evolution.

One thing that we are going to be doing this summer is blogging. I’m going to ask that everyone keep an open mind with this. We will all be developing personal blogs for our work, our writings and explorations. We will use this medium to develop a platform for our voices and self-expression. Each week I will prompt you with a topic or two.

I always like to emphasize that time is on your side. Use this summer to make some serious strides in cultivating your skills, exploring your interests and crafting a plan for your future. The more energy you put into this opportunity, the more it will yield. McNair is special. You are special. This time is special. Listen and share with one another; encourage and support one another. Keep an open mind, stay focused and work hard. And most importantly, have fun. Enjoy it. Embrace the process. Can’t wait to see how things unfold!

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