Core Desired Feelings

As a group, we talk about how we want to feel on a regular basis. Inspiration for this comes from Danielle LaPorte and her work, “The Fire Starter Sessions.”  If you aren’t familiar with it – check it out! Here’s a quick clip to get started.

We updated our core desired feelings during our retreat to start off the summer and here they are. Scholars, be sure to click on your image (it will open in a new window) and then right click and “save image as” if you want to download the image to your computer, post it to your blog, Facebook, etc. I like to have mine on my desktop as a reminder. I also like to “newly” jot my feelings down on a sticky note on most days.

Nancydisappearing*, productive, the law

Jimassured, rekindled*, harmonic

Mattcomplete, worthy*, useful

Jayfreedom, sequential, ingenious*

Nicolerich, connected*, firm

Robtrusting*, tolerant, stand up

Shantellelectric, vulnerable*, guiltless

Leahcreative, self-focused*, sponge

Mickeyprepared, productive*, focused

Taraliberated*, in touch, curious

Amanda Cenergized, ready, hopeful*

Brucestrange, driver*, double rainbow over waterfall in jungle

Andyvalued, strong, accomplished*

Amanda Sadventurous*, balanced, organized

Lynncourageous, beautiful*, expressive

Maureen – inspired, bullet proof, like a sun rise over crater lake on the final day of a deep meaningful journey*

Kimaccepted, brave, not so uptight*

Amanda C


JimLeah Lynn2 Matt Maureen Mickey Shantell


RobTara Amanda S




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