My Scholars

Since I asked you all to reflect upon the topic of “My Fellow Scholars,” I thought I would do the same. I always love reading these pieces because I think they mean a lot. I also love this time of the year when connectivity among the group blossoms. I also love as my connectivity with each of you grows. It’s essential in this kind of work and it’s what makes it so real and important. So here are a few musings that come to mind when I think of you. xo

Leah – I see a ray of sunshine and a beautiful smile. I know this smile will carry you far and be a foundational piece of your work with others. Your smile and enthusiasm will help many people be less afraid of numbers.

Jim – I see a rock star, seriously. I saw a rock star the first time you “happened upon” the McNair office. I immediately thought – this guy’s got what it takes. I’m so excited for your work and I know that your personality is going to help you “translate” that work and make it far-reaching. I also love that you sing and that this is a huge part of who you are. Now I know you swear too. Sometimes that’s a part of life.

Mickey – I see a super cute (and stylish) Dr. Wong that demands a high level of engagement from your students. I see your quirkiness and I think this contributes highly to your magnetism with others.

Nancy – I see depth that I initially didn’t see. I also see a lightness that touches others. I like that! I’m very intrigued to see where your work takes you. You are definitely no-nonsense but with a huge heart that will definitely be impactful in other’s lives.

Jay – I see you far beyond your years. I see a well of knowledge and a super caring guy. I see you evolving in your connection with others and I see you doing some really important work. I also see you being very skilled in bringing the implications of that work to a wide audience, including your students who will talk about how “Dr. Smith” really rocks it out in class!

Amanda S – I see a quiet power. I see a smoothness to you that is really calming to be around. I know you are figuring your path and I know it will be an important one. I love that you are drawn to your roots and that your roots are informing your interests and your work. I see your work as hugely important and I also see you being able to do that work with a level of care and “specialness” just because you are so special.

Kim – I see energy and love. I love that we have found each other and I love that you support me and “our work” with such passion and excitement. I appreciate your “openness” to both me (and my ways) and the cool things we get to weave into the program – I love that we both get to grow together as a result. I hope that we have many years together because you make this McNair journey very rich.

Rob – I see a lot. I see hardness and softness and I like both. I see years of wisdom that you will certainly draw upon as Dr. Fritchman. I can’t wait to see that. I think your students will be highly intrigued and motivated by your presence. I love that I caught a small glimpse of your home life and that you feel cradled there. I love that baby Evie has come into your lives. I’m looking forward to seeing how this gift touches you.

Tara – I see brilliance and contradiction. I see an amazing woman figuring on how to harness her energy and passion. I see fearlessness and a joy that is contagious. I always think that if I’m going for a ride, I want you to come along with me! I love your depth and complexity. Whatever you decide to pursue, I know you will take it far and high.

Matt – I see courage and passion. I so admire your courage for living an already full life and then choosing to come back to school to pursue knowledge and to create knowledge. Your life experiences will so inform your work for the better. I’m already excited for your future students. You are a hoot to be around and I’m enjoying being a part of your journey.

Amanda C – I see pure optimism and strength. I’m so humbled by your journey thus far and I’m so glad that you found your way to McNair. You have such potential that you are already tapping. You are a true scholar and someone who every group would be LUCKY to have be a part of. I’m impressed by your natural inclination to meet challenges head on. Continue to pass that on!

Maureen – I see my beautiful friend and colleague. I absolutely love that you happened upon McNair because you are now my rock and I believe McNair has helped you to find your passion. What a great combination! I admire you in so many ways and you inspire me to become a better person. I am so grateful that I have you and that we can “get down and dirty” and “keep things light and super fun” at the same time. I think that’s a great thing to be able to do. Most importantly, you make me laugh!

Nicole – I see a smart and determined woman. I’m so glad that you continued your journey with McNair because you are a true asset to the program. You impressed me last summer and you continue to do so even more this summer. I can’t wait to see where you end up! I know that you will have lots of options to choose from and that you will be a “ray of sunshine” with your awesome smile in any lab that is lucky enough to get you.

Andy – I see someone smooth and steady. I see a level of genuineness that is refreshing. I see depth and passion. You have an unassuming way about you that I find quite intriguing. There’s a lot under the surface, that’s for sure! You are already making GREAT strides and I can’t wait to see how all of this pans out – I have no doubt that you are going to be rocking it out of the park.

Bruce – I see unbridled strength and passion begging for a clear route through uncharted waters. I see a sincerity and willingness to be who you are that I find compelling and inspiring at the same time. I see many paths for you, it’s just a matter of choosing what feels right. You will reach others on a level that really means something no matter what.

Shantell – I see strength and beauty. I see depth and self-awareness that challenges me to become more. I’ve witnessed your “probing around” for some time now. I have all of the confidence in the world that you will find a way that you never even imagined possible. That’s the beauty of being willing to really explore yourself and the world around you. I love that you embrace who you are and what you can become.

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