EAT. SLEEP. MOVE. In the New Year

You’ve heard me talk about this notion of EAT. SLEEP. MOVE. Now is your chance to get started! Now I’m not talking about totally overhauling your life – that would actually be pretty difficult given your school schedules etcetera. What I am talking about is putting all of your obligations out on the table (before we even get started with the semester) and thinking about how they all might fit together – within the context of how you tend to operate and manage yourself on a daily basis. Chances are you’ll find some areas that can perhaps expand or contract (if even in just small ways) that will allow you to invite these baseline categories – EAT SLEEP MOVE – into your life in a more fully actualized way.


>>> Think about how you tend to eat. Do you make time for breakfast? Do you bring along healthy snacks and pack a lunch on days you know you have to go straight through? Even with a restricted budget, do you try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible?


>>> Think about how you tend to sleep. Do you know the optimum number of hours your body needs to feel well rested? Are you a night-owl or are you more productive in the morning? Do you have a bedtime routine? Do you try to go to sleep within the same general vicinity every night? How do you feel when that alarm clock rings?


>>> Think about your exercise regime if you have one. What kinds of activities do you like to do to stay fit and active? How often do you workout? How do you feel when you workout on a consistent basis? Is it easy to make regular exercise a priority among your daily routine – even when time gets tight during midterms and finals?


I’d like for you to give these things some thought. Imagine the benefits of making some small shifts in each of these areas. We all know that everyone is super busy – like all of the time. That’s a given. We still have choices about how we spend our time, especially time that isn’t scheduled for us already by things like classes.

Here’s what will probably happen if you make EAT SLEEP MOVE your priority:

  • You’ll feel more relaxed.
  • You’ll be able to focus better.
  • You’ll feel more energized.
  • You’ll be more efficient and productive in tackling your studies and to-do lists.
  • You’ll respond to stress with greater ease.
  • You’ll develop confidence and gain momentum with your goals.
  • You’ll basically feel better all around.

Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Let’s set some intentions for the semester and let’s share with each other our experiences along the way. Click HERE to get started on the process.

NOTE: New scholars are required to complete this survey in prep for the first one-on-one session with Lynn. ALL scholars are invited to take advantage of this opportunity in fine-tuning their schedules and making EAT SLEEP MOVE part of their priorities – just complete the survey to get started!


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