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McNair SharePoint Site (login using global id and password)

SRI Timelink (Week of July 21)
SRI Timelink (Week of July 14)

List of Schools Offering McNair Waivers + Fellowships
McNair Fee Waiver Request

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Summer Research Institute (SRI):

Final SRI Items


Week of July 21
Week of July 14

Week of July 7

Week of June 23

Week of June 16

Week of June 9

Week of June 2
Week of May 26

Mock Interview Action Step
Making Contact Action Step

Sample Correspondence

September 1 Essentials

I Will Achieve My Ph.D.
Personal Statement Overview
McNair Personal Statements
Developing Your CV
CV Template

McNair BIG Picture
Personal Statement Prep
Quick Links for Researching Graduate Schools

SRI Weekly Grad School Selection
McNair Research Project Task List
Strengths Themes
SRI Timekeep Form

Mentor Approval Research Proposal (WORD)
Scholar Presentation Critique Exercise
Scholar Presentation Critique Exercise (PDF)

GRE Vocab Prep with Jay:
McNair GRE Vocab Getting Started
McNair GRE Vocab 1
McNair GRE Vocab 2
McNair GRE Vocab 3
McNair GRE Vocab 4
McNair GRE Vocab 5
McNair GRE Vocab 6

Dr. Mowrey’s Workshop:
Mowrey Letter to Scholars

Thinking Like A Detective
Privilege Power Difference article
Keith Brodie article
Harvard Guide to Happiness article

Orientation Materials:
Orientation Agenda
New Scholar Preliminary Assessment
Participation Agreement
Mentoring Handout
Mentor Fact Sheet
Mentor Selection Action Step Part 1
Mentor Selection Action Step Part 2
First Scholar Assignment

Scholar Handbook 2014

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