McNair Camp

Welcome Murray State University
Graduate School Training Camp Participants!


2006 Scholars in Kentucky

2006 Scholars in Kentucky

I am so excited to participate in this year’s camp and to get to know each of you. This is a terrific opportunity to network with other McNair scholars around the country – and learn everything you can about getting yourself into a fully funded Ph.D. program! Here you may access the handouts and PowerPoint’s associated with my presentations on the Application Process and Getting the Money.

If you have OneNote, I encourage you to download CMU’s Grad App Tracker for your usage during the application season. If not, be sure to take a look at the hard copy handouts I distributed and consider using Trello – shoot me an email if you would like me to “add you” to our already formatted GRAD APP BOARD that you can then tailor for your own use. 

We believe both OneNote and Trello to be tremendous organizational tools. Please keep in touch and let us know how things pan out for you!

I have fond memories of the Grad School Boot Camp through the years – initially created and hosted by Indiana University and now hosted by Murray State University. This picture is of our 2006 CMU McNair scholars taking a break during camp and hanging out on the lake. The majority of these scholars now have their master’s degrees, Tiffany Jones and Laura Daniels already achieved their Ph.D.’s and several more are making steady progress on their doctorates right now!

Email Lynn by September 1 and tell her that your ESSENTIALS are complete!
We can’t wait to hear about your success!

Camp Handout_I Will Achieve My Ph.D.
Camp Handout_Essentials
Camp Handout_Weekly Grad School Selection

CMU Grad App Tracker (Handout)
CMU’s Grad App Tracker (zipped file, right click + save as)

Camp Handout_Money

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